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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Last night I picked up a sales item from Barns and Noble. I thought it would be a typical so-so book/experiential kit not that popular.
It's titled "Smartphone VR Viewer". I thought it can be a good weekend project with my 8 year older. When I opened the box it wasn't that easy to assemble cardboard pieces. It looks very easy but it took me a good one hour to assemble the kit.

 Virtual Reality Beginner's Guide and Smartphone VR Tool Kit

When I hook it up with my Samsung Galaxy note 3 smartphone and downloaded a few apps from Google play store I was a bit surprised how fun it is. My son was astonished about the fact that there is not screen anymore through the paper viewer. It opens up the new world of virtual reality. I wasn't convinced the first hour but when I wear that funny looking the paper goggle and tried a few apps I was blown away by the fact that how much this little investment ($25.95) can bring about. This can't compete with Oculus Rift but if you are looking for a cheap way to emerge yourself into Virtual Reality world please try this on. The kit comes with a good series of apps and games.


Shopping guide:
You can go straight to their website for shopping.
you can find some random steep deal from places like below.

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