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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family Christmas Shopping – Ideas for Techy Presents

With Christmas around the corner, many people will soon begin to worry about buying friends and family meaningful gifts that will not break the bank. If you are looking for inspiration, wearable technology might just be up your alley. Because of its multifunctional elements, it is trendy, practical and fast becoming indispensable. Here are five affordable options that will certainly be a pleasant addition to any Christmas stocking.

1. Smart watches are designed to work with your smart phone. They are generally small enough to remain an unobtrusive accessory to complement your personal style. A smart watch is ideal for the person who wants to stay connected and up to date in their social sphere. If you have children, consider gifting your child with a smart watch equipped with a tracker to keep you in constant touch with them.
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2. Fitness trackers come in a wide range of gadgets such as activity monitoring wrist bands, sensors that can be worn on the skin and as patches, and smart scales. Popular trackers include Fitbit and Jawbone. This gadget will definitely be a worthwhile incentive to keep that winter weight at bay.

3. Sound at the end of a string is available through smart speakers so small they can be worn around the neck. The speakers use Bluetooth to stream music from your mobile device and have a battery life of up to 6 hours. They are ideal for the individual who likes to have their music on the go.

4. For the sporty and those who love outdoor adventure, a trendy GPS watch would be an elegant but functional must have. Other features incorporated in this gadget are a heart rate monitor and an app that gives you tips of your favorite sport.

5. Techy clothes are no longer a fantasy from a futuristic movie. From self-cleaning pants, wrinkle resistant shirts and quick drying jackets, most of these clothes are sold at affordable prices. They are perfect for life outdoors; hiking and camping and even for that long road trip when the holidays are done.

Your Christmas shopping done, use the change to treat yourself to a wearable gadget too!

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