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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wearable Technology – Trackers for Seniors

The older one grows, the more dependent one inevitably becomes on others. Not being able to accomplish the most mundane tasks such as getting up to get an extra blanket on a cold night, make a phone call or remember the way home can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, modern wearable technologies do make it possible for the elderly to be closely looked after but with a modicum of independence.
One form of wearable technology that is being widely used as a solution for seniors are trackers that come in various shapes and sizes, to perform a range of functions. Here are five basic functions of this type of technology:

  1. Activity trackers can be worn as armbands and be used to keep track of the location of the individual. The information collected is transmitted to an online database and used accordingly. This tracker can be used in conjunction with security cameras to keep close but unobtrusive watch over the elderly person, especially if they have health conditions requiring extra attention.

  1. In addition to making sure they are safe, some activity trackers are designed to monitor even small movements, and alerting the carer if movement stops for a long time. This is an essential feature especially if the person has a condition that may affect consciousness.

  1. This nifty gadget can also keep track of the general well-being of a person, monitoring for instance heart rate, blood pressure and sugar levels. The analytics resulting from the data collected can also beneficial in discovering conditions that would otherwise have remained hidden.

  1. Temperature sensors monitor body temperature as well as that of the immediate environment. If the individual is completely dependent on a carer, this element improves the carer’s ability to anticipate the needs of the individual and keep them comfortable.

  1. Lastly, trackers in the form of smart watches can be used to maintain easily accessible communication with friends and family. Smart watches are relatively simple to use, and their touch screen features make handling easy and quick for an elderly person.

These are just some of the many wearable gadgets that can improve the quality of life for both elderly persons and their carers.

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