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Friday, February 6, 2015

Microsoft Hololens and how it will Impact Our Life

The news of the launch of Hololens, a product of Microsoft, which is an augmented reality headset, is all over the World Wide Web. The device would be released at the same time as the release of Windows 10. Hololens is a product that would take augmented reality to a whole new level. Way before it can be released; it is being touted as one of the most advanced in 3D augmented reality systems at the consumer level. So, what is the impact Microsoft Hololens could have on our lives?

Image: Hololens/Microsoft

Use of Hololens in 3D Printing

Microsoft Hololens is a 3D display that is not holographic, but something that has its own CPU and holographic processors. The users can easily interact with a virtual environment, when they wear this 3D headset. Alex Kipman, the project lead of the Hololens, has already called this feature of Hololens the “print preview for 3D printing.”Hololens provides its users with an intuitive interface, with which they would be able to visualize what the final printout would look like. You would be able to see the shape, the size, etc. of the objects to be printed in real time. One of the biggest barriers in 3D printing, which is the lack of intuitive software, would be overcome, when people use the Microsoft Hololens. Users would be able to manipulate 3D objects within an augmented space by making use of hand gestures and would be able to carry out the edits to the file before it could be printed in 3D.

Use of Hololens in gaming

Hololens will only show the wearer some images that only he or she can see. Everyone else in the same room as the wearer will think that they are just wearing goofy glasses. However, you would also be able to see the real world around you while being able to see the virtual gaming environment. You can play and still not worry about bumping into another person or into walls. The goggles will watch your gaze, track all your movements, and also transform what you see by blasting light that is harmless at your eyes. You can track where you are at, since the device allows the use of hand gestures. Right now, you can only interact with the images through a mid air click. The device contains many sensors thathelp you sense your movements inside a room. This makes the device create images using the information that it has acquired about your movements along with layers of colored glass. Wish to see the back of a virtual car in the middle of your garage? Then, simply walk to the other side of it. The goggles also have a camera, which you can use to see the different objects in a room. So, you will know where the chairs or the tables in your kitchen or inside your house are. You can even use virtual dynamite to, for instance, blow a hole inside the chair in your kitchen to see what it really looks like on the inside.

Image: Hololens/Microsoft
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