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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wearable Tech 2015 Trends

When you think of wearable tech gadgets, the first things that come to mind are smartwatches and of course, Google glass.  But what was almost science fiction a decade ago has become reality today. This month, there was even a Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 in Europe, which goes to show just how fast wearable tech is going to be a part of ordinary life for the average urban dweller or tech-conscious youngster.


The first gadget on the list of most anticipated of the wearable tech gadgets for 2015 has to be Apple’s Watch, of course. Although smartwatches have already been launched by other companies like Motorola, Samsung, and LG, the Apple’s Watch has been gathering a lot of attention on the basis of its brand value alone. Smartwatches display apps and other notifications from your phone. So there would be no need to be on your phone all the time, if you can even take a call or browse the Internet or send a text message through your watch.


The second wearable tech gadget to watch out for in 2015 will be fitness and health trackers that can be worn on the wrist or arm. These trackers measure things from your heart rate to UV exposure. The Band has already been launched by Microsoft, which is a fitness tracker worn on the wrist. This is capable of a variety of tasks, from counting calories to tracking heart rate, counting steps while running or walking, and even monitoring your sleep quality. There are other fitness trackers too in the running, like Fitbit and Jawbone as well as Samsung and Garmin.

Wearable virtual reality eyewear like Oculus Rift gaming is the next big thing to hit the wearable tech market in 2015.  The potential uses for this are huge, from gaming to movies that give an immersive experience to the spectator, to even tourism and marketing. Sony has designed the Morpheus as an answer to Oculus, planning to have it as an accessory for the Vita and PS4 consoles.


Zepp is a wearable tech gadget that helps you improve your golf. Wear it on your glove and connect it to your smartphone while playing golf. It will then offer a swing-by-swing analysis of your game while also taking it up a notch by adding a comparison of your swing with that of the professionals in the game.

One of the most innovative gadgets that won the Intel Make It Wearable contest is the Nixie, which rides the wave of the phenomenon that selfies have become. This drone with a camera is tiny and mounted on your wrist and leaps into action to take your selfie, after which it comes back on its own to a safe landing on your wrist!

For women, there is the Ringly, which is an 18K ring with a semiprecious stone that syncs with your smartphone to give you all the usual notifications.

It seems 2015 will be the year of the tech wearables!
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