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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why Google glass didn't work

Google pulled out its invention, Google Glass, from the market before it could be released. In truth, people started writing many obituaries for Google Glass before it could be decided that it should beprevented from being released. Google says that it intends to bring out a new version of the Glass. However, here are some reasons why the Glass did not prove to be a success this time around.

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Due to the hefty price tag of $1,500, many users refused to buy Google Glass last year, when they were given a go ahead to buy it. The company has not given out the true sales figures for how many consumers actually went in for Google Glass. It is highly unlikely that anyone other than tech buffs must have gone in for this product.

It cannot be used by drivers
This hands free device does not do much, except look like a pair of funny glasses. One place, where Google Glass might have been useful would have been in cars to help the police navigate through the maze of streets in London. However, this was ruled out by the Metropolitan police, since it cannot actually be used by drivers due to the way it functions.

Poor battery life
Google had advertised that Google Glass’s battery could stand up for “one day of typical use”. Most users complained despite this that the battery would show as running low after two or three hours of use. It is something to be considered by Google while developing the advanced version of Google Glass.

Privacy concerns
If a common man wore weird looking glasses such as Google Glass outside of the Silicon Valley, questions would naturally arise in the minds of other people such as, “is the person recording me?” or “Is this person watching porn?” Many movie theaters, restaurants and bars banned users of Google Glass from entering their business premises, since it would make the people surrounding its wearers uncomfortable. What came across the minds of those who saw others wearing Google Glass was that they might record anything with their devices.

Not fashionable
Computers that are wearable have to look good. Why some wearable gadgets have been more popular than the others is because they look good on the person wearing it. The projector device looked more like a medical device than like something that could be otherwise worn by an individual. Google Glass sets stand out like a sore thumb, where all the other devices look elegant.

Glass cannot replace anything

Google Glass is not a phone, but a wearable computer with limited functionality. In fact, they need phones in order to work well. They may at the most replace digital cameras, but then cellular phones have already achieved that too. They are just another gadget to buy. Other gadgets such as tablets and smartphones have already replaced other technologies, but then Google Glass has been unable to serve as a replacement for anything. Something better than Google Glass is expected to come along and replace it too. 
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