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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Apple Watch Versus Android Watch

Apple Watch
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            The Apple Watch does way more than tell time, it is the new age of wearable technology. The gadget has several incredible features, including an activity fitness application. The watch is completely customizable, with several faces to choose from. The Apple Watch features new ways to connect to friends and family. The watch has a sketch option which allows the owner to sketch a picture and send it to his or her friends and family. Tap, another feature on the watch, allows the owner to send his or her friends and family silent, gentle taps that are slightly felt on the wrist. This watch may also record the owners heart beat through the heart rate sensor and send it to another person. The Apple Watch may also receive text messages, phone calls, and emails. The owner can either reply back using the watch or have it transferred to his or her iPhone. The Apple Watch also features an activity application that can provide graphics of the owners daily activity. The application features three rings, the Move ring, the Exercise ring, and the Stand ring. The Move ring shows how many calories the owner has burned. The Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity the owner has done. The Stand ring shows how often the owner stands up. The Apple Watch features top of the line technology. The Digital Crown allows the owner to pinch and zoom in order to scroll more precisely. The screen uses Retina display which has a high pixel density, creating great contrast and wonderful sharpness. The display itself is laminated to a machine and polished single crystal of sapphire. The Force Touch can tell the difference between a light tap and a deep press. The watch also features siri, as well as voice commands. The Taptic Engine taps the owner gently to let them know when they have an alert or notification. The Accelerator measures total body movement. The watch also has GPS and WiFi. The Apple Watch is expected to come out in Spring of 2015.

Android Watch
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Android has a total of six watches to choose from with dozens of faces to choose from. The watches only connect to Android devices that are 4.3 or higher. The Android watches have several features as well, although they are not as advanced as the Apple Watch. The Android watches each have WiFi and some of them offer GPS. The Android watch also features a fitness application that tracks movement, counts steps, and has a heart rate sensor. The Android watches allows the owner to check the weather, as well as the best routes to travel. The watches also receive text messages, emails, and calls as soon as they arrive. Android watches will also remind the owner of any upcoming events, plans, etc. that they may have. The watches also features voice commands and search. They have a built-in accelerator, compass, and gyro. The Android watches are powered by Android Wear. These watches are all currently out on the market to buy.
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